Monday, June 16, 2008

Bend it Like Beckham

DT has been to his first professional sports game! We went to see the SJ Earthquakes play the LA Galaxy (including Beckham) Saturday night.

Lessons learned:
1. Just because Oakland is usually only 45 min - 1 hour from SJ, 1-1/2 hours will not be enough time to get to a soccer game featuring David Beckham.
2. 40,000 people will also be driving up from San Jose at the same time.
3. Soccer games are very short. Missing the first half and then needing to wait in line for food only leaves 30 minutes of game time (there are no time outs to slow it down).
4. If you miss the ice cream man going by with only 4 minutes left, you will have to drive to the landmark Fentons Creamery to appease your 3 year old. Ok, and his mom.

This is the smallest size...

It was still fun and we plan to go to another game. Probably the next time the Galaxy is in time... only we plan to go up quite early and tailgate! It turns out our neighbors were also went to the game and they left even a little later than us. It was their highest attendance ever, so no one was really expecting the crowd/traffic.


JAD said...

Hey Steph, I liked the lessons learned. It is really funny! I am a bit freaked (in a good way) you are getting them hooked on sports so young. You will be a rock star soccer mom :) Jordan

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beckham has the draw after all! Looked like fun, but you're right--soccer passes quickly with no timeouts or commercials! It is almost like TIVO!
You all looked good and dressed warmly. It is too hot here to think of jackets!
Love, momsie

Chris said...

sounds like fun. except for the traffic jam part!
i take it you remembered the extra diapers this time!