Thursday, June 19, 2008

Highchair Baby

We finally thought of getting the highchair out of the garage to keep DT entertained while cooking & eating. I think he likes it!

I even took a video on my camera, but I suffered from "forgot that video has to be shot horizontally" syndrome, so you will have to turn your head ...

One embarassing thing ... we apparently put the high chair away without cleaning it. I had to give it a thorough clean as there was an astonishing amount of food still in it and on it! Ack!


just jenn said...

he seems quite content there in the chair, especially with that giant hand to suck on?! :)

do you guys have any special plans for your birthday? maybe another soccer game or trip to the beach.. hmm, whatever you do, i hope you have a good day. happy birthday.

p.s. we've been looking for a box that was just the right size to send you a little something, but haven't found it yet.

Chris said...

happy birthday from us, too! i am working on your present, but the heatwave here did me in and we didn't spend much time inside. so next week?
hope you had fun!
can't believe how big the little guy is already.