Thursday, June 12, 2008

6 week checkup

DT had his 6 week checkup with Dr. LT.

He had his heart beat listened to.

His blood pressure checked.

He did have to get a shot...

then he was proclaimed healthy by the doctor!


Anonymous said...

Such a kind doctor, so gentle! But is the patient attempting an escape in the last photo?
The gpa has had 5 visits to the doctors, including dentist, this week and only got fainty once! He is glad to be done for now. And the cats went to their doctor!
And Dr Auntie J helped the other gma when she had her cath... OH so much doctoring!
Love to all and stay healthy, gma

Chris said...

That is so funny! I will have to show the pics to JT tomorrow, I am sure he will love them.