Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 months old!

Wednesday, DT was 9 months old. He celebrated by crawling over to the bookshelf and taking down all his books.

He is a sweet happy guy. He can crawl, pull up, get into anything. He has 5 teeth and one more on the way. He loves food. He can pick up cherrios and shredded cheese and get them to his mouth most of the time. He hardly ever sleeps more than 2 hours at a time.

He's a great part of our lives!

And some other pictures from last week...

"Alla" (LT's dinosaur friend) gets a ride in the backpack

Babyfood from last week came out so pretty!
Pea-zuchinni, green bean-potato, pear-rasberry, and asian pear-peach

Haircut, before & after
The before featuring a BabyBel cheese. :)


Anonymous said...

Yummy-looking baby food--and it looks like DT is growing well on that diet!
The haircut is spiffy and why is it that it makes the jaw drop? Teeth look good, too!
Love you all, gma/momsie

Chris said...

i was thinking - what a fun age - until i got to the part about only sleeping 2 hours in a row! that dt looks so happy in the pictures, reminds me of lt, who is also looking pretty snazzy with the haircut. i wish jt's haircuts came out that well!