Friday, January 02, 2009


Apparently I didn't take many pictures, or something. I need to download the other camera and see if we got some better shots from Christmas and our trip to Seattle. I like this one, though, because so many presents are nicely playing together. Let's see, there's the Imaginext castle, Lego duplo dinosaur set, Lego airplane, DT's soft block set and cardboard blocks... all in one big fantasy land!

We went to Seattle then after Christmas and got back last night. LT didn't want to come home.

Reasons Gma & Gpa's house is better:
1. They have stairs.
2. They have apple cider.
3. They don't brush teeth.
4. They don't have time outs.
5. Their TV is better.
6. Again, they have stairs. It's hard to compete.

Silly boy!

DT still wanted to come back with us. We took them both in the end.


just jenn said...

maybe you could build some stairs-to-nowhere in the backyard? happy new year!

Chris said...

they don't brush teeth? interesting. and they must have a huge television if it is better than yours!
sounds like he really enjoyed the trip!