Friday, January 09, 2009

Babyfood Extravaganza

Last weekend was a babyfood making "event." 3 types of veggies and 2 types of fruit. All devoured by the munchkin.

From left, sweet potato & parsnip, butternut squash & carrot, summer squash & zucchini (added frozen peas)

Ready to go! The fruits were apple blueberry and pear kiwi.

Here is the culprit!

See that top tooth! There are partial teeth on either side of this one, too.

Looks like we'll need another food making extravaganza this weekend as that is all pretty much gone. I need some more containers so I can get ahead.


just jenn said...

he looks really happy with all those veggies. and nice prep work by the chefs! i don't know how you find the time.

Anonymous said...

He's growing so big--must be that delicious food!
love ya, momsie

Chris said...

what a happy baby! nice job keeping on top of the baby food thing. is he eating some teething bread=y things yet? (i seem to have forgotten when they start that...)