Wednesday, January 21, 2009


If you recall back when we went Strawberry picking, there was a mention of U-Pick Kiwis and we were all wondering how kiwis grew. Well, wonder no more!

The pickers at the ready (LT is stealing DT's light, but they are just cute together!)


Small child, big orchard

Daddy toss up, times 2

After picking our kiwis, we stopped at the farmstand where we had blackberry cobbler, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry lemonade and cider. Mmmm, mmmm. Then we took a little hike down to the beach for the sunset.


Anonymous said...

Great family pictures. Are there wires between the kiwi trees or are they bushes? How close to you is this orchard? Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I should have added a few more letters when I signed off.
GtGma / Gma

Anonymous said...

Interesting orchard with yummy fruit. Are you making jam? Looks like all the boys had a good time, and is that a real view of the ocean behind you or a picture???
love all, momsie/gma

Chris said...

kiwi jam? i am not such a fan of kiwis, so i am glad you went and not me. the trees are intersting - sort of viney. looks like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

your family is so cute. oh, just an fyi regarding kiwis...rats like to nest in the vines. you might NOT want to plant one in your backyard. (ick)

Your 2nd Cousin,


just jenn said...

until cousin keren's comment, i was thinking how amazing those plants/vines/bushes/trees are... now, i'm not so sure. :)
how many kiwis did u-pick?