Monday, February 09, 2009

Busy Weekend

Saturday, we went to the Home & Garden show

Sunday, we had a day of Museums!
The Children's Musuem

The Tech Musuem

Very stimulating.

I was excited because it was all free! Our neighbors were exhibiting at the home show, so they got us passes, we have a membership to the Kid's museum (thank you Gma/Gpa T), and it was free 2nd Sunday of the month at the Tech museum!


just jenn said...

wow! a mini-stay-cation!! (which, btw, i think is a silly word). i'd like to have DT's kind of weekend soon, as i could use some catch-up sleep myself. which was LT's fav museum?

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky that he sleeps in the stroller and lets you get out and do things for an entire day! I don't think Ella has napped in the stroller ever!!
Both kids are adorable (and growing up so fast!)...
Miss you -

Chris said...

yes, i would also like to be pushed around while napping!
(but does this mean he was up all night?) the museums sound fun - we hit a museum today but with the holiday and rain it was awfully full.