Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tour de California, part three

For day three of our Tour de California, we went to New York

Oh wait, that's made out of Legos. That's right, Legoland! Thank you Auntie C for the brilliant idea. We all loved Legoland. I would, for sure, be buying season passes if we lived close. Maybe we got lucky, though, with a not that busy day.

Who is real and who is made of Legos?

Can you tell they are cousins?

This pig statue where we ate lunch was a big favorite

Lucky LT got to ride with Auntie C!

At this point in the day, goofiness is starting to kick in

DT & Honest Abe

The whole Legoland was fun. We could have spent hours looking at the models. The boys especially enjoyed the water are (ok, LT did more that JT maybe), the playgroun and the Lego store, where they picked out bags of assorted legos. TT's favorite part was the famous paintings made out of legos and I liked the models. :D

LT was so tired afterwards, he fell asleep in the booth at In & Out after only a few bites of his cheeseburger!

Thanks Auntie C!

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