Tuesday, July 01, 2008


LT is a natural at Wii Bowling.

And it's only fair to have a video of the little one. I love babytalk! Please pardon my rendition of "Working on the Railroad."

Last night, LT had his first swim lesson. It was the cutest. He did a "monkey walk" across the edge of the pool, he did "shark arms" (like a streamline) while he blew bubbles, he did some kicking... ok, that was about all. I imagine he'll be doing the same for the next few weeks. He was very excited about it and came home to show daddy his talents in the hot tub.


Chris said...

i think we need a wii now for sure. of course, we need a new tv, too, but that is another story. i saw a review for a wii game that lets you explore underwater - that sounds like a neat idea for kids to play (and not competitive).
anyways, plans for august? we need to decide soon, so let me know!

mel said...

I think LT is better at the Wii than me! I just got one last week though so maybe he has an advantage!