Thursday, July 03, 2008

Good Fences

We got some new fences yesterday, yeah!


And after!

You can see all the way back to the hot tub down the side yard.

I love how the gate came out! You'll remember the fence by the driveway from the vine removal post. The new fence is MUCH stronger and was needed urgently since Dakota, the Rhodesian Ridgeback who lives next door, is uses that area as her dog run.

And you know how I said I liked matching outfits ...

Courtesy of Tar-jay, $8 each. DT is sporting a 6-9 month outfit. This doesn't bode well for his 3-6 month clothes, of which he's barely worn most of them. He's just growing so fast!

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just jenn said...

lt looks like being the big bro really suits him well!