Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tour de California, part four and final

So after Legoland, we slept in a bit the next day before heading up to Pismo Beach. It turns out everyone in LA was heading that way it seemed, and traffic was bad all the way to Santa Barbara. Ugh. We didn't get there until 4pm. We met up with B & V and spent a little while on the beach. You can drive on parts of the beach there! The beach was really nice and I think we'll be back sometime. Then we headed to a crab restaurant for dinner to celebrate B & V's 5 year anniversay. (Yeah!)

You choose 3 kinds of seafood for your bucket. We had Opillio crab, Dungeness crab and Slipper lobster tails... Yummy!

LT like the crab & lobster tails at first (he's a privledged 3 year old), but then got into drawing.

It turned into quite a masterpiece! I believe those are cars 3 & 5 on the end...

We headed up to our hotel in San Luis Obispo and closed down the swimming pool. The next morning we hit SLO's big tourist attraction, the gum wall.

OK, that was really gross.

Then we headed up to Hearst Castle. LT did not want to go since there might be dragons at the castle. We assured him that it was really just a fancy house.
Don't you want to swim in this pool?

The house was a little much.

Afterwards, LT said that it was boring and he wished there were dragons.

We said goodbye to B & V and started up Highway 1 and got to see some elephant seals.

We ended up turning around because it was very foggy, getting dark, and Hwy 1 is two lane and very twisty next to the cost. We cut over to the 101 by Paso Robles instead, and made it home at 11PM. Exhausted.

LT keeps saying we need to take another vacation like it. We'll see...


Deb said...

Hi there - just using the "next blog" feature and found you - I had to comment because I love love love those hapa kiddies and because we too have an "Aunty C" :-)

Love your pics and stories:-) Congrats on your newest little boy!!


Chris said...

hearst castle would be better with dragons, i have to agree. and i am not so sure about the bib thing, but looks like you guys had fun!

just jenn said...

gum wall - gross. elephant seals - neat. baby under bib - :)
sounds like an overall very good vaca for you guys. hope the rest of the summer is good too!