Monday, July 28, 2008

Tour de California, part one

We realized we were in desperate need of a vacation a few weeks ago, and, well, plane tickets were expensive, so we decided on a road trip!

Last Wednesday we set out at 5:40 AM. We made good time with only two stops - the mandatory Starbucks stop and one rest stop - before making it to our first destination a little after 11am.

the The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown LA

LT's on top of the world! Okay, on top of the museum

Let me in the tar pit! Note, not actual mammoths trapped in the pits...

Dire Wolf Skulls

Mammoth skeleton

How do we compare to the Short Faced Bear?

This concluded the educational portion of the trip and then we were off to our hotel in Anaheim. Too bad this involved LA traffic and it took forever. Luckily, I had realized that it is possible to feed a bottle to an infant sitting rear facing behind you in their carseat. It is even possible to pump milk for said bottle while sitting in traffic (or going down the freeway - either way with a handy AC adapter in the car!).

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Anonymous said...

The tar pits are so cool.

- T