Thursday, October 28, 2010


The day we came back from our trip, we decided to make our annual pilgramage to the Pumpkin Patch. It was 90 degrees and not feeling like fall, but we knew we were going to be busy for the next few weekends. So we headed out, and did all the must dos!

Like, the Cow Train! We were able to squeeze 2 boys in one cow.

The big train. And a wheelbarrow ride, of course.

Then I had to cajole them into their costumes since I wanted some pictures. LT loves his costume and wore it all the way home. DT loves his, too, but not in 90 degrees!
The Ninja and the Gingerbread Man

They'll both be wearing their costumes tomorrow for school parties! Happy Halloween!


Chris said...

that gingerbread man looks cute enough to gobble up - good thing the ninja can protect him!
have fun tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Costumes were great! and what a beautiful sunny pumpkin farm day! I remember our trip there, and it looks just as much fun as ever.
love, gma/momsie

just jenn said...

if the gingerbread man fell asleep in the pumpkin patch, how would you ever find him?

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