Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall break, Part One: Canada

Two weeks ago, LT's school district took a week off. It's a "furlough" week due to budget cuts, so they'll be going 175 days instead of 180 this year. It seemed that most of the school headed South to Disneyland. We went the opposite direction and flew up to Seattle. We drove up to Vancouver the next morning with our friends in a rented minivan. It was my first time to Canada, so very exciting!

The Peace Arch in no-man's land between US & Canada

Vancouver shoreline, family picture attempt one:

And Vancouver shoreline, family picture attempt two:

Boy and mom, pensive

Afternoon break in hotel room. Kids are enjoying Silly Bandz, the craze finally hit here. They are rubber bands in shapes that you can wear as bracelets.

Brother horsey
King of the hill Big tree you can stand in? I'm sure it has a name

3 cold & happy boys
It was fun to see some of Vancouver. I tried poutine, we took a pedestrian ferry, had the best scone ever (white chocolate berry), saw the Olympic torch, had some delicious Shanghainese food... all in all, pretty successful. Tiring to be a tourist on the go with two kids, though.


Chris said...

fall break already... feels like school just started! i don't even know how many days jt will go to school. anyways, looks like a nice family vacation! and jt's school banned the silly bandz the second week of school!

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet makes for a good vacation, eh? Looks like you had fun together.
And I'm sure that the new cooker's inaugural pork tenderloin was very good--we're coming!
love, momsie

just jenn said...

looks like a good time, eh? how was the poutine? there's a food truck here that sells it, but i've not tried it yet. it's on the food truck sampling list.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an interesting trip. Be sure and save the picture of you and the boys standing in the tree. I probably won't be there too many more years.
Love, GmaH

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