Monday, October 04, 2010

Backyard project!

Over the last 3 1/2 weeks, our backyard project, an outdoor BBQ/kitchen, has been in full swing. We were told it will be finished tomorrow. I'm a little skeptical but optimistic. Here's a look at what these guys have done over the last 3 1/2 weeks.

Day 1: Chalk drawing
Day 6: Finished the patio, brick work, plumbing, started to construct the concrete "cabinet."
Day 8: Finished the cabinet, vents, electrical outlets. Pour the concrete countertop.
Day 10: Stucco, priming, started to paint
Day 14 (today): Built a pergola, almost finished tiling the counter top.
So, in theory, tomorrow they will finish tiling, grout the tiles, install the grill, access door, fridge, sink, faucet, and hook up gas, water and the low voltage lights on the face of the patio.

It feels like a huge improvement. We are very excited about it!


Anonymous said...

How nice! The patio and pergola really add to the looks of the back of the house and the kitchen counter will be a really nifty outdoor cooking space when the install is complete! I am sure you are ready to try it out, and are looking forward to lots of yummy cookouts and dinners!
love, momsie

Chris said...

that is really nice! i thought i saw something different last time!
is that a little window into your cupboard next to the door? i never noticed that before.
sounds like we will be dining al fresco at christmastime!

just jenn said...

so did they get it done? inquiring cooks want to know ... very cool!

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