Monday, September 27, 2010

SIX years old!

I can't hardly believe our baby is 6 years old today. Here is just born:

And about to leave the hospital at 2-1/2 days old.

Now he's all grown up! We had a party to celebrate yesterday. We made the call to switch to a waterslide party the day before because it was over 90 degrees! We kept our orignal plan, also, of making mini-marshmallow shooters. Between the slide, the shooters, the swingset, and DT's little playhouse, all 19 kids were pretty entertained!

Here's the setup:

Pokemon targets for the marshmallow shooters:

Cupcakes! I had fun making the pokemon toppers out of marshmallow fondant. Let's see, going across at the top are Pikachu, Munchlax, Snorlax, Pokeball, Piplup and Jigglypuff. Thank you internet for instructions!

Birthday boy sliding!

Cake time

Last night he talked us into letting him open the presents from us even though his birthday was really today. Here's the big present

Today we celebrated by bringing in a snack of grapes to his class. They were super popular. We had 3 different types from the farmers market and I split it up into cups. Only a few of the kids didn't take any. Then LT could pick anywhere he wanted for dinner. So, he chose Rubios. Silly guy.

Happy birthday LT! :D


Chris said...

Happy Birthday, LT! Looks like a really fun party! Wish we could have been there, too, and tried the slide and those amazing cupcakes - and the marshmallow shooters?! We need a picture of that!

Anonymous said...

The Pokemons are cute. And the waterslide was a good idea--did you wish it was still up today for an even hotter day? Do marshmallow shooters get sticky melty in the heat? Sure looks like there were lots of kids and lots of fun for everyone!
Happy 6, LT!
love, gma/momsie

robyn marie said...

happy birthday LT! You guys know how to throw a fun party. I love the cupcakes too !


Chris said...

i also noticed something different by your backdoor - was this a sneak preview shot?! looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

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