Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer Saturdays

Tis the season again... soccer season. It seems like everyone we know is spending their Saturday mornings at the soccer field. We are trying a new league this year and U6 is six on six with no goalies and no score taking.

Go #10!

Go Dragon Warriors! (Quite the mouthful for the smaller spectators.)

Could our spectator be getting restless already? They only play for about 30 minutes.

What, who is this coach setting up the players? I see Assistant Coach Sue to the right and is it possible that it's Coach TT on the left?

Yes, TT signed up to coach after we were the only team left without a coach. He really appreciates last year's coaches now. He has been doing a nice job.
Concentration on the player's face

A breakaway!

Post game boys


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day at the soccer field with a great coach! Are the players taught to keep their thumbs in their palms? That's a neat sign for the team. I agree with the cute spectator: go Dragon Warriors!
love, momsie/gma

just jenn said...

um.. how come the coach is the only one not eating in the post-game shot? :) looking forward to seeing y'all at christmas.

Chris said...

no score-taking? interesting. how nice of tt to be a soccer dad! that probably makes the games extra special.

Steph said...

I never realized they all run with their hands in fists! That must be beacuse of their concentration.

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