Thursday, November 04, 2010

Yes, Halloween is Over...

but we still need to show off the pumpkins! I think TT did a great job this year with the carving. I did the scooping and pumpkin seed roasting.

Could you tell which one went with which person? I'll tell you. I got two, the Pac Man and the ghost, TT got the transformer, LT the dragon and DT "my Mario Kart".

And here are the trick-or-treaters heading out:

Ninja, Samurai and Gingerbread Man


Chris said...

great pumpkins and costumes! no one tried to nibble on that sweet gingerbreadman? i guess they wouldn't since he had some tough characters to protect him!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a carver of pumpkins, and what a costumer of people! Good duo making fun times for the boys.
love, momsie

just jenn said...

especially like the dragon. my pumpkins are still whole - would it be weird to carve a turkey in one? well, it would be weird, but would it be too weird??

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