Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missed October Photos

Here at SiQiMo, we are running a little behind. Just tonight I downloaded the pictures off my little camera from the last month. Here is what we found ...

Symmetrical Grandma & DT! Courtesy Seattle Center Science Museum.

And why not Grandpa & DT?

Don't they say that people are inherently attracted to symmetrical faces?

After that trip, we helped put on our street's block party. We had a bouncy house out in front of our house.

A very LARGE bouncy house, make that, complete with dinosaur.

LT enjoyed a table for two with his best gal pal and some Beat In radio station.

The following weekend was the big Walk-A-Thon. Here are the walkers enjoying the pleasant weather.

And celebrating mile number 15!!! You go guys!


Chris said...

how long did it take him to walk 15 miles? i told someone about that the other day and they refused to believe me! and that is one huge bouncy house. jt would have loved that. see you soon.

Steph said...

They walk from 9am til 4pm, so 7 hours. That's only a little over 2 miles an hour, so not fast at all. I'm pretty sure they calibrate the course - it's 1/3 mile per lap. LT walked the whole time pretty much, didn't really sit down at all. A break for an ice cream, a drink and a little lunch, was all, I think.

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