Sunday, February 28, 2010


Went down to Monterey and mixed it up this time.

Our first stop was Dennis the Menace playground. This sign welcomed us, which gave us pause. We countinued on. Good thing we did, because this is a fun playground!

The conveyor belt slide is totally awesome. DT could have gone all day.

We followed this with the aquarium and lunch in the cafe there.

Final stop was the site of Sea Kelp Round-up from almost exactly one year ago. LT was happy to get another game of this in and we all had fun on the beach.

LT and a found treasure.

DT in the midst of a rock throwing game.

Where's Waldo(s)?

Shell nose!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I found 2 waldos--did I miss anyone?
love, gma/momsie

Chris said...

what a great day and looks like the weather cooperated, too.

just jenn said...

ok, don't you have to be cautious of anything that you find in a public place and put in your mouth? discrimination against raccoons. haha. ;-p

love the shell on nose. maybe, maybe late this summer, we can go together and round up kelp again.