Thursday, March 11, 2010

Front yard, about one year later

Remember the front yard before?

After our rainy winter, it is looking wonderful! We love it everyday!

Look how it's grown in since the after last spring. The plum trees have already bloomed. They were beautiful. The weeping cherry is just starting to bloom!

We'll probably change out a few plants this year and there is always weeding to be done!

(P.S. Didn't TT do a nice job with the mowing?)


Chris said...

The mix of colors and textures look great and I love the paths! What is the path to the right made of?
Great job mowing!

just jenn said...

it looks so much more inviting this year - nice job, guys. very nice. looking forward to seeing it in person one of these days.

Steph said...

The two non concrete paths are decomposed granite. We might set flagstone in them some day ... that was in the original plan, but cut to save money.

Chris, it's about time for an update of your back yard!

Jenn, you're welcome to visit anytime!

Chris said...

just checked the before pics - i didn't do that before! wow!! it really looks outstanding - amazing what a difference it makes. i love the dg - want some for our yard too one of these days (with flagstone, too, when i win the lottery).

Anonymous said...

the landscaping looks great! you did a great job.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have added a lot to your place. What a beautiful change. It looks better than any pictures in BH&G.
Love, Gma/gtgma