Thursday, May 14, 2009

Front Yard, day Many, finished - pretty much!

Recall the front yard before.
And now ...


New path from driveway, you walk between the two coral bark maples.

View from the other side

On the right side, we have a weeping cherry in the front and a plum in the back.

The trumpet vine has made a glorious recovery from losing it's twin and being cut waaaayyyy back. I just love the bricked porch! And the step and path to the driveway at the end of the porch.

Not in the front, but in the back, the garden!
Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, zuchinni and corn. This year we have a drip system set up so we'll see how it goes!


Chris said...

wow! what a transformation - the yard looks great (not that it looked bad before, either, but it is quite a difference). the trumpet vine looks amazing, too. can you come here and do our yard next?

just jenn said...

that certainly added a nice character to the front of the house. i like the brick detailing very much. now that's it done, let me know if you need another visitor to give an in-person visual assessment?! :)

Anonymous said...

wow...your house is probably the envy of the neighborhood. it looks great. good luck with your garden too...sounds like fun.

my farmer john has planted everything you can possibly imagine. it's fun to grow your own stuff.


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! Wish I could drop by a take a peek in person. I love planting flowers-some seem to do better than others here! (: Soon TS and J get to plant and fix up a place too. Have fun! Love, AuntK

Anonymous said...

What a nice touch you've given your place. Yesterday the landscape people came and put a 3' bed along the south side of my garage. I now have rhubarb, a couple tomato plants and zucchini. It will probably get a few flowers tucked in later. I just can't seem to keep my fingers out of the dirt.

Steph said...

Thanks guys. We are very happy with it! I can't belive it's our yard!

Gma - looking forward to the Rhubarb Dream Dessert in July!

Keren - we would love to visit your inn sometime!

Jenn - visitors are always welcome!