Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Round-up

We dug out the push bar for LT's trike and adjusted it down to the smallest size so that DT can enjoy it now! This was LT's 1st birthday present from Grandparents T and it has been so much fun!

DT had a gift from Grandparents T for his 1st birthday, too. He got a house for outside! I hope it will be as much fun as the trike. The first day it was definitely a hit. We put it out front since we were working in the yard (as soon as we're done, we'll post pictures...) and both boys had a good time playing in it! LT is a little big for it, but they still both fit.

Do you see the bigger boy in there?

Then it was Mother's Day and the boys brought Mom breakfast in bed. Crepes, even! LT said "that's wine and juice, ew, bet you never had that before!" :D

Later, we attacked the yard again. I conquered possibly the largest dandelion ever caught on film?? It was back by the garden area where we now have planted corn, cherry tomatoes, zuchinni and strawberries. We'll see how it goes. TT put in a drip system, so hopefully more sucess than last year!


Chris said...

Oh, I want breakfast in bed with wine and juice, too! The front yard with playhouse looks great, so I have a feeling the garden will look lush, too. You both seem to be developing green thumbs(although that is not a dandelion in that one hand... I think it might be some kind of wild geranium? We used to have them in our yard, too. But maybe I am wrong.) DT looks really cute on the tricycle!!

Steph said...

Hmmm, wild geranium. I'll believe it. It had the yellow pompom type dandelion flowers, so I thought it was a dandelion. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying life out your way. The boys are soo cute. Couldn't help think of you all when the Chinese acrobats were at my school yesterday. One of the guys reminded me of Tim. Looking forward to seeing you in July. Love, AuntK

just jenn said...

yep, i'd guess geranium too, but i definitely have not had the time to spend in the yard, so it's just a guess. hmmmm, it'd probably be easier to get breakfast in bed around here if i wasn't (almost) always the first one up!