Monday, May 18, 2009

Grandma was Here

Grandma has been deposited at the airport for the 2nd leg of Grandkids or Bust '09. We had a busy and fun 6 days with Grandma.

Let's see, we went to the park, the Children's museum, the mall, Monterey Bay aquarium, kayaking (adults only, but yes, Grandma, too!), beaching, water sliding, etc...

Here's Grandma!

Oh wait, she didn't just take pictures. Only mostly. LT is waiting for her to get her webpage up and going. I say momsie.blogspot.
Here is one not taking a picture!

And the boys enjoying the beach. DT is a water lover. He crawled straight into the ocean and then would get up on his knees when a wave came!

I'll add some kayaking shots tomorrow! I wasn't on the trip with Gma & Tim, so you'll have to wait for momsie.blogspot for those.

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just jenn said...

how fun! i'm almost feeling ready to move to the west coast. or at least come for a visit.

btw, i checked - momsie.blogspot is taken, but mymomsie.blogspot is available?!