Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentine Factory

The Valentines are all made! Poor LT will have to fill out all 29 of the to/from labels for his class this weekend. That's a lot of writing. I'll help DT with his.

I saw this idea (with a lollipop) on a message board, but I think the poster had blog-lifted it, so whoever's blog it was from: Thank you!

First, I got approval from LT on the plan. Very important. He wanted to do the heart crayons again. This was much easier, so I'm glad he liked it. He did want to make sure there would be hearts involved. Got the boys to hold the pose, one slightly better than the other, while taking the pictures. Then, we did a little photo-shopping after the boys went to bed and sent the finished product on over to Costco. Picked up the pictures and some pencils and labels at lunch. Printed out the labels while putting DT to bed. Assembled after the kids went to bed.

Not bad execution on an idea. Total time, ~90 minutes, not including Costco/Target runs.


Chris said...

so did you cut around the hand in each picture? and photoshop the background in? we usually make construction paper things, so much less cool. i have a feeling the t boys will always be the cool kids!

Steph said...

I just cut 2 slits on either side of the hand with a swiss army knife. I did photoshop in the background, but the plain wall would have worked fine too...

Nothing wrong with construction paper things! I just thought this was really funny/cute.

just jenn said...

um ... wow! while i appreciate it only took 90 minutes, those are some cute valentines.

p.s. @chris - construction paper will always be cool. maybe "retro" some years, but cool.

Anonymous said...

wow...those are great valentines! you're so creative.


Chris said...

how do you convince lt to do all that writing? jt acts like it is torture to write a few words on a thank-you card! (maybe school has helped? i LOVED his card to "juleeyn" - of course, JT then insisted he spell LT's name: lsias, 'since he spelled mine wrong!' ha-ha.)