Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random Shots

The famous banana chocolate chip cookies, sugar & spice pumpkin seeds and our bug eating plant

The trick-or-treaters head out (yes, we made grandma wear the disguise!)

An action shot

Mmmmm... peas are yummy

My first political sign. I'm still holding out hope on this one.

This was a historic evening!


just jenn said...

those are some great random shots! how did you like the banana choc chip cookies? tell momsie to pluck her eyebrows?! i still think the pirate and his parrot are excellent costumes. and i'm sorry your sign didn't work this time around. argh.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time trick or treating. Grandma looks real good there! AuntK

Chris said...

i love those spicy-sweet seeds - almost made some myself, but forgot and left the seeds on the cupboard and the next day they smelled funny. oh well. wish the sign would have worked - depressing.

JAD said...

Please stop cooking really great food. It makes your sister cook em and then I get fatter :) Could you work up a nice diet like food group item? - JD