Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diaper Booty

I'll add some comments later! This is the best I can do for now. :)

Okay, here are my comments!

The diaper cover is a Disana wool cover from Germany. I did not make it. I bought it. :D It works really well! Under it is a Happy Hempy hemp pocket fitted diaper stuffed with a cotton prefold diaper (the rectangle kind). It seems to holding up to the side sleeper! Huggies Overnight were no match for him!

The oh-so-cute hats were made by my friend Ruth. I did not make them. (A common theme?) I just love them! They will be perfect for our Seattle trip!


Anonymous said...

Big booty cover--does it work?
The hats look nice and warm. Does daddy get the next one?
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Love, gma

Chris said...

did you knit those hats? the diaper cover came out nice and looks like it might last a while.

just jenn said...

whew. i thought you had turned into a knitter on top of everything else! everyone looks like they will be staying warm (and/or dry). nice.

Chris said...

yeah, i thought you had so much spare time that you were just knitting up a storm. i still haven't mastered the cast on thing, so i think knitting will have to wait for another year when i am more dedicated.