Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Week

Our GrannyNanny helper had to leave us a week ago. We've missed her! Here are the boys saying goodbye. They were actually sad to see her go, but happy to be in a picture with Grandma.

We've managed to make it one week so far.

This morning, the boys and I stumbled onto a classic car gathering. It was very neat!

"This looks like a transformer car!"

Got a chance to "drive" this one...

This Model T lives just around the corner from us on the way to the park.

But perhaps this not-so-classic was actually LT's favorite.

PS - He said he didn't have to go to the bathroom!


Chris said...

Boy do they look happy that grandma is leaving. Er, I mean that grandma got to visit! Sounds like they sure had fun with her.

just jenn said...

i think that last one might be a classic, too (the bike, not the pose!). Glad you're surviving with out the granny-nanny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. The boys are so cute and what a great picture of grandma and her grandsons.Love to all.
gt Gma