Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 months old

It's hard to believe but Tuesday marked 6 months in DT's life already.

To celebrate, I tried to give him a little photo shoot in the backyard. It wasn't the most sucessful.

I call this series: Grandma's Camera

Look, I have two teeth!

Autum Nap

DT is a sweet little guy. He could sleep more at night, but that's the only improvement I can think of. Hahahaha.

He just got his 2 bottom front teeth
He can hold his own sippy cup and sucessfully drink, most of the time
He can scoot on his botom on the floor to get something he wants
He can sit up without falling down, most of the time
He can take all the rings off his ring tower by himself
He can babble
He can laugh, a lot
He loves his big brother
He always leaks out of his diaper at night, darn side sleeper!
He can roll both ways easily now
He still doesn't like being on his stomach too much
He drinks about 12oz of EBM while mom is at work
He is just starting solids, and none to soon for his liking!
His thighs are so big the NP had to get the bigger needles for his vaccinations at his 6mo appointment
He's sweet!

We love him!

Oh, and his stats from his 6 month appointment.
Weight 19.7 lbs 81%
Height 26 3/4" 62%
Head circumference 45cm 82%


Chris said...

Such great pictures - a little Anne Geddis or (whatever her name is) inspiration?
What a smily boy!

just jenn said...

i like the shadow of his own hand across his stomach while napping in the leaves. handsome little guy.

Anonymous said...

What a precious little bundle! Would love to see him in person! Love, AuntK

ash said...

what a beautiful kid!!