Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Immediately after LT's brithday madness comes the insanity known as "Sew-Your-Kids-Costumes" in time for Halloween. I started last Sat night and finished this Sat night. Not bad! About 5 hours for LTs and 2 hours for DTs, not including the shopping for the supplies. I'm especially proud of LT's shirt as I had to construct the pattern. I'm glad I finished them because we're pretty busy the next few weekends and we definitely wanted to go to the pumpkin patch! It's our 3rd year at this pumpkin farm.

The pirate and his parrot

Don't you just love cutouts?

The Whole Family (for once!)

The parrot flies!

LT took Grandma on the train and on the "Bootsie the Bee" path through the cornstalks. As he reasoned, she hadn't seen it before and Mom & Dad have. It was such a beautiful day!

I was hoping to see the pumpkin weigh-off, but it's next Saturday and we have our street block party. Can't miss that!


Trina said...

Great costumes! We're headed to an Indy pumpkin patch on the Noblesville Pumpkin Train next weekend with Tyler and Lyndsi. Unfortunately, I doubt I could get them to dress up for adorable pictures...

Chris said...

would you mind coming here to sew jt's? i haven't even started, and i know it will take a lot longer than 4 hours. yikes. the bird costume is just great - and the pirate looks very convincing!

kim said...

what a cute little parrot!