Monday, August 27, 2007

Beach Excitement

We went to Natural Bridges State Beach on Saturday as a change of pace from our usual beach. This is right next to the park where the monarch butterflies migrate through in the winter. It is a really beautiful beach. Natural bridge seems a bit of an overstatement since it doesn't actually go anywhere. Natural bridge to nowhere?

But let's be honest, this was the big attraction on Saturday. The dead sea lion:

We weren't the only ones taking pictures.

We followed up the beach with a trip to the boardwalk. A nice family gave us the rest of their ride tickets as they were leaving, so LT was able to enjoy two rides. The last time we were there a couple gave LT all their prize tickets from the arcade. We just keep running into nice people!

He's a very serious boat driver here:


Chris said...

What a neat beach! Is it far from your place?
What are your plans for LT's birthday?

just jenn said...

i can't believe you thought my mushrooms were weird looking and you were out photographing dead sea lions. hmph.
i agree though - it looks like a neat place and a good weekend visit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a nice beach. I think the Los Cabos beach also had a natural bridge to nowhere--they are just nice to look at! The boat ride looked like fun for Lucas. Altogether a nice family outing!
love, gma/momsie

Anonymous said...

dear auntie s,
i would like a running shirt like lt! and a picture of he swimming in the water.
love jt