Thursday, August 16, 2007

County Fair

The weekend before last was the County Fair. I was very surprised to find out that our county has a whole 4H competition complete with pigs, cows, goats, all kind of livestock! We even watched part of the auction for the pigs and cows. LT enjoyed all the typical fair things - food on a stick, pony rides, and meeting the state troopers.

It turns out this was probably the last Santa Clara County Fair. They haven't turned a profit in years and needed 90,000 attendees to break even. They only got about 40,000 they said. The end of an era, I suppose.


just jenn said...

well, if it does turn out to be the last one, it sure looks like LT had a great time. is that a mango on a stick - where are the fried pickles or twinkies or coke? ;-p

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a great time enjoying the county fair! Food and animals and all--just a little bit of country in Silicon Valley--wow! Great for kids!
Like gpa said, it would be sad if it ends--this is a great way for city kids to see farm animals!
love, gma

Chris said...

A pony ride! Did he enjoy it?
And maybe you also ate some fried something or other? :)

Steph said...

They did have fried twinkies and fried Snickers. I'm really regretting not getting the fried Snickers. We did share a funnel cake with our friends, though. LT was a big fan. (As, of course, was I.)

Tom said...

Probably the fair will survive for one more year.

BTW: when LT gets to be 8, he can join 4-H.
He could raise pygmy goats or poultry at a 4-H farm - there's one near 280 and 101,

Also - at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival (Sep 15 this year), the local 4-H club usually has a petting zoo.