Friday, August 03, 2007

Home Sweet Home

You may be wondering where we have been... well, we bought a house, went for a long weekend for a wedding, moved, sold a house, had visitors, all in the span of 2 weeks. Now we are in unpacking misery. Only about 4 inside boxes left! Plus then the odds & ends laying about looking for their perfect spot.

We are really enjoying the new house. Just last night we went to a community even that has a band playing at the downtown elementary school. LT and I jogged over - it's only about 1 mile - and we met up with some friends and had pizza and strawberries and sat in the grassy field and had a great time. LT got a ride back with Daddy and I pushed back the empty jogging stroller and enjoyed the nice neighborhood to walk through. I only got a couple weird looks.

Oh, and a PS - the house was tented for termites before we moved in while we were away on that long weekend!


just jenn said...

only 4 boxes left!! sounds like you've been super busy and that termite tent is rather intense. music in the glen sounds like a good break. we are looking forward to a chance to visit the new digs (maybe in october?).

Chris said...

that was quick. glad you weren't actually moving into the tent!
looking forward to more pics and tales.

Anonymous said...

It was some tent! I didn't realize the front arbor was disconnected from the house. And is that cross still over the garage? Amazing contraption!
Glad you enjoyed the concert--it sounds like you are getting in the groove, i.e. making yourself at home in the 'hood.
Love you, gma

Anonymous said...

That cross is a power line.

Chris said...

It does look like you have a religious garage in that picture! I didn't even notice at first.