Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's the simple pleasures in life. Like... little potties! Little sinks!

"Mommy, it's little, it's little like me!"
"Mommy, the sink is little, too!"
"Mommy, the paper towel is little!"
"And, look! A little trash can! Little like me!"

I don't think he will mind going back to Ikea again. Good thing since our end table was missing a piece.

I've been swamped with work since we've been back and have been working every night after LT goes to bed. Ugh!! Hasn't left much time for blogging. Note to self: start taking more pictures!


Chris said...

So the underwear is working out? JT still has to be convinced to go before he "absolutely has to" (he likes to wait), but maybe he would like the ikea bathroom - i forgot that they have those little things.
Plus free meals for kids some of the time!

just jenn said...

that will be a great shot to show a high school date. hmm...

of course, you've also reminded me that i'd really like some swedish meatballs for lunch. darn that ikea.

Steph said...

The underwear is working out pretty well. We are averaging about 1 accident per day right now.

We already had our allotted accident this morning. LT made a puddle at the post office. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any extra clothes because we were on our way to daycare and the PO wasn't open yet, so there were no paper towels or anything to clean up the puddle. We just left the little puddle :o Luckily the undies, shorts and highly absorbent socks soaked in most of the accident. LT rode back home in his bare bottom to get some fresh clothes. How embarrasing! I debated getting some paper towels and going back to clean it up, but I didn't. I think I'll put some paper towels in the trunk for the next incident.

My fault for not insisting on the pre-potty before leaving the house! It had been 1.5 hours since the wake-up potty.