Monday, May 07, 2007

Cupcake Cafe

Yesterday after I picked up Lucas, we stopped by the library to pick up a cookbook. I wanted to get this vegetarian cookbook I checked out before so we could have a remake of the squash curry in roti. While in the cookbook section, LT found the book he was looking for. It was not a vegetarian cookbook. It was a cupcake cookbook. We left with that one. (Someone else must have checked out the vegetarian cookbook!) LT and I then cooked up some very delicious carrot cupcakes with flowers on top. Amazingly, we had all the ingredients actually at our house already. He instited on the flowers on top because that's what's on the cover of the book! When we put them in the oven he said "Are they going to turn into cupcakes? Are there going to be a flower on top?" :D

You can compare with the cover - I think we did a good job!


just jenn said...

good choice - those look delicious. and i'm impressed you had all the ingredients on hand. we definitely have no carrots here.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day!
One of these days the little cupcake gourmet will be making cakes for you!
Enjoy your day!
love, momsie

Chris said...

they look quite yummy. we always have to get train books at our library, next time i will aim him to the cookbooks! or maybe you can share the successful recipe?