Tuesday, May 22, 2007


BLT Sr had a kayaking class on Sunday, so LT and I headed up to the Oakland Zoo with my old friend G. She and I went to Italy together in 1999. How has it been 8 years already!??!

Following in the footsteps of Daddy...

Oops, I realized I didn't pick the best pictue. BLT is using his Fisher Price camera.

And some excellent results! These next two are BLT's actual pictures!

BLT really enjoying these small doors at the reptile house. He was not as interested as the inside. And he really hated the insect house!

Oakland Zoo is the only zoo in the area with elephants (SF Zoo and our little Happy Hallow don't have any). We enjoyed them!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures all around! I can almost see the photographer's reflection in his tortoise shot.

Chris said...

I'm not so sure I would like the insect house either. Looking forward to seeing you soon...
And love those socks with sandals - he is too cute!!

just jenn said...

ok i really liked the fact that even though we couldn't see the camera in the first picture, we got to see the picture he was so busy taking. very nice. (p.s. 1999 is not that long ago - for example, what if you had graduated from HS 18 years ago - that's like a whole person?!)

Anonymous said...

OK...your mom gave me your blogspot addy...what great pictures. AND you live so close to us. We live in Healdsburg! Come and visit if you ever get a chance. The baby is darling too!

Your mom's cousin Keren (aka KK)