Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First "joke"

This took place this morning as I was getting LT dressed.

LT: Knock on the door.
Me: What?
LT: Knock on the door.
Me: (I make a knocking sound on the table)
LT: Orange!
Me: ???
LT: Orange!
Me: Oh, knock, knock?
LT: Orange! Knock knock... banana.
Me: Who's there?
LT: It's not banana... ha ha... it's orange

I thought he must've learned it (poorly) from an older kid at daycare. A bit later, I asked him, "Who likes to say banana?" He says, "Me... and Isaac [a five year old]. He's funny!"


just jenn said...

it made me laugh?! banana. :)
can't wait to hear stories to go with the great pictures from your excursion to China - hope you all have recovered well from the travel - that must be a pretty tiring flight(s)?

Anonymous said...

Quite impressive!! And cute! He must have re-adjusted pretty quickly?
I want to hear how the flight and jet lag went as well. The pictures where he is sleeping are cute - is he getting heavy? JT has crossed the 30 pound mark (I think) or at least it seems that way...

Anonymous said...

knock knock, who's there? It's not banana, it's grandma! he he
What a joker you have!
luv, gma