Monday, January 22, 2007


We got LT some color tablets, just like cousin JT has! He loves them! He looks like he's in an aquarium!

LT & Daddy in Circle Bed! I never got around to posting a picture of LT's big boy bed, well here it is in use!

I just like this one of LT eating dinner. He's having breaded eggplant, and apple, and apple juice box. Is the apple juice redundant? I'm not sure why it's pixelated, I shrunk it the same amount as the others. Hmmm...


Chris said...

Wow, the tints really look neat in a white tub! JT would really have fun in there.
:) Thanks for the circle bed sheet idea - JT has been sleeping pretty well in his, and he likes to think about LT in his circle bed.

just jenn said...

oddly enough, the pixelation is not there when i view at home... hm. technical things i don't understand?! do you guys read i love the food pictures and recipes.