Thursday, January 04, 2007

Family Portrait

For my 100th entry, a family portrait.

Wait a minute ... how'd two kids get in the picture? Oh, it's BLT's cousin JT!

Christmas was very nice. Of course, we are still recovering and trying to back into things.

So far BLT's favorite Christmas gifts seem to be the wooden train set and the plastic battery operated for age 5 and up train set. Also, his purple flowered doll strollered bought with his Christmas money from the Great-Gmas. Really, though, he loved everything. Next project will be thank you notes. He loves to color on them or "write his name" (which means scribble with a pen).

Today LT & I visited his best gal pal and her new baby brother. He was so cute and soooo tiny. I'm sure that LT & M were never that small. Now I want one.


just jenn said...

100 posts! cool. we very much enjoy seeing LT on the web as we can't visit in person often. happy new year.

Nava said...

Wonderful picture - and congrats on your 100th post.
It was fun meeting you in the corridor - felt almost weird, three bloggers getting together: you, The JohnnyB and moi.

Charlie Habegger said...

Thank you for your updtates which come regularly. Appreciate your blogs.\
Aunt Waneta and Uncle Charlie

Chris said...

Another one? Did we hear right? I saw a cute set of little/big brother/sister shirts at the store! Should I buy them now or later?

Steph said...

I'm sure I replied the other day, but it didn't show up. Hmmm...

So, to recap my comment.

Thanks for visiting nava! Nice to meet you in the hallway. :)

Thanks for visiting Uncle Charlie & Aunt Waneta! Looking forward to seeing you next December for Trina's wedding (assuming you'll be in Berne for that).

And, Chris, don't buy the t-shirts just yet!!

Happy new year to Jenn and everyone as well!