Saturday, January 13, 2007

Still Life in 3

1. My best, I mean LT's best, train layout to date.
2. Enormous book on cooking techniques bought with Borders gift cards & Christmas money by BLT Sr.
3. Book purchase pays off with pork tenderlion medallions in a red wine vinegar sauce, potato duchesse and sauteed green bean.


Chris said...

Feel free to visit her and cook all you want! :)
Hope you had some yummy meatballs the other night, and one of these days the boys will have to video-conference if we can ever get our schedules coordinated...they are such socilites already!

Chris said...

dora books? we haven't tried those yet. jt likes the "froggy" series and then "monkey george" books. i try to avoid the thomas train books, but if he could, we would have all of those. :)

Nava said...

Looks like art to me - and wonderfully tasty!
(Not Kosher, Eh? ;-)

just jenn said...

potato duchesse sounds (and looks) so fancy. as does the train layout (of course).