Thursday, February 01, 2007

Safety first!

Look Ma! No pushbar! LT has graduated to an independant tricyclist. He may need a helmet upgrade before long as his head seems to be growing quite rapidly.

We've been sick now for a while. I only went to work for about 8 hours last week. It was amazing - I actually got sick first and then gave it to LT! Then he stayed home sick as well Wed-Thurs-Fri. This week we are well enough to go to work & daycare, but not nearly 100%.

LT's daycare moved to a new house which is sooo close to ours. It's on the same street now and just across one light. Great! It's a home daycare and they split into two homes so they can have more kids. Most of the kids went with LT to the new house. He still has his main teacher and his sister. He's definitely getting better at Chinese. Mommy has been practicing to with the Pimsleur language cds. LT cracks up when "Mommy speak Chinese."

1 comment:

Chris said...

I want to hear mommy speak chinese, too!
How convenient for you guys. Hope he enjoys it.
Congrats to BLT on the good pedaling skills!