Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm a Whale Watcher

And a sea lion watcher, and a sea otter watcher and ...

We went to Monterey for President's Day weekend. On our whale watching cruise we saw a pod of about 4-5 gray whales. Yippee! The captain said that kids under 6 have to wear life jackets, or if they were LT's age, mom could hold it. He was surprised that LT let me put in on - he said kids that age usually refuse. LT didn't mind and even used the jacket wings to take a nap on the way out and then again on the way back in.


Chris said...

Your pictures always look so beautiful! The subjects are pretty nice looking, too.
Sounds like a nice trip - and no seasickness!

Anonymous said...

We are having a good time here in FL. Gma has learned to play Mah Jongg. Sounds like you had a good time whale watching, etc.
Gt Gma