Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On the go

BLT relocated all stuffed animals from his room to a pile in our room before bed. All at top speed, of course.

BLT was wearing a dress up costume when I came to pick him up today. We took it off and I told him to put it away and sure enough, he went and found the box for dress up clothes and put it right away. Then I said it was time to get his lunch box and he emptied out his whole cubby (even though I told him we really did not need to take his sheet & blanket home today). It was all very cute. Then he was a real pain and would not get in the carseat for 15 minutes. Arg. Oh well.


Chris said...

I am glad you put that last line in there, because I was starting to think that he was too good to be true! He sure is cute in those pj's!

tbone said...

BLT is showing track star form. You sure we don't want to enter him in the Diaper Dash?


Steph said...

BLT has his toddler moments, don't worry! I don't always like to write about them because it just feels like a downer to complain. He definitely is hard to get in the carseat now. He makes a "board."

tbone, we will have to see if JT wants to Diaper Dash, too!