Monday, April 17, 2006

Mommy, You're so funny!

I'm hilarious. My captive audience finds it just oh-so-funny if I look up at him from beneath the highchair under the tray.

Tonight I reached the pinnacle of my cooking-for-toddlers career. Tonight's appetizer was carrot mini-muffin (courtesy of BLT Sr) on our grocery trip, followed by a main meal of pesto, avocado, cheese and turkey crepe. Sadly, only two bites of crepe were sampled despite BLT's love for this crepe from the crepe spot at the mall. A side benefit, however, was BLT Sr. and my dessert of lemon crepes.

I wanted to go to the fabric store after work. I asked BLT if he wanted to go shopping an he said yeah and even climbed into his seat with no crying! Wow! To get to the shop I wanted to go to, we drive our usual way and then pass our street without turning. Well, apparently BLT did not mean it when he said he wanted to shop. When we passed our street, he panicked and pointed to our street and said "go." Who knew he knew where we lived?!?!? So we didn't go to the store, we went home and made do with a walk over to the grocery for the crepe ingredients.

Oh, I've been on hiatus from blogging. Too tired. Still recovering from our trip last weekend ...

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