Friday, April 21, 2006


One of BLT's new favorite words is "light." Here he is in the car this afternoon after I pointed out the light on the ceiling to him. I turned it on and off which really got him excited!

We had a really nice evening. We all walked over to dinner at a local restaurant. I was worried that it would be too late for BLT, but he was great. He ate a whole banana, almost an entire glass of mango lassi, and had several bites of Vietnamese dumpling. Then he had fun playing with a paper airplane we made out of a magazine insert card and going through my wallet. I hope I didn't lose anything! He then ran (not walked) all the way back to our house... that's 1/2 mile! Bedtime wasn't until 9PM then, but he was sure in a good mood all evening!


tbone said...

Daddy, get the light!


Chris said...

JT calls the light "tee", but he hasn't said that word in a while. Is it normal for them to know words and then forget them? Maybe it is in there somewhere. Does BLT make little sentences now? We miss him already!