Monday, April 26, 2010

Sliding & Tubbing

It was beautiful over the weekend. LT and I managed to talk TT into setting up the water slide. Thank you! In order to make it "worthwhile," we invited over some of the Kindergarten crew. In between slides, we warmed up in the hot tub. It may have been the most action it has ever seen! (Two more kids showed up after these pictures were taken.)

The Buddy slide

He's up!

And back down

This one loves the hot tub! Have to keep him in arms reach at all times, as he hasn't figured out to stand up when he falls over. We'll practice this summer. Well, that and he can't stand in the middle either.

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Chris said...

Nice bathing suit on the lifegaurd in the first picture! That is one nice TT to set the slide up - looks like a fun time.