Saturday, April 03, 2010


Today's Kindergarten students have to do book reports every week. It's true, started after Christmas. On Thursdays, they bring a book home and you read it twice. Then they have a list of things they can do as their project. We have made a new book cover, made a collage, done alternative endings, written a song, made a puppet, and, by far the favorite, made dioramas! These weeks book is Frederick. Here is this morning's effort:

LT used what he termed "the technique" which involves pastels colored over with crayong for a layered, vibrant look. I cut out the pieces for him to save approximately 2 hours - 15 minutes of cutting and 1 hr 45 min of complaining. It's all a team effort at this stage!

All he has to do tomorrow is add the title, author and his name and we are done!


Chris said...

He is quite the artist! I remember playing in kindergarten. Did we even do anything else? I think the letter people, perhaps. I do remember nap time. I didn't like that.

Chris said...

Not really on topic here - did you get a new coffee table?
And thank-you so much for the presents and the call!

Steph said...

You're welcome.

And we did get a new coffee table probably since you were here last, but not that recently. It's from Cost Plus, we got it on clearance. I like it, but the veneer is chipping off on the bottom edge. :(

Anonymous said...

what was it that he was depicting. i remember making dioramas when i was young...i always liked that. life is never dull when your children are young, that's for sure!


Steph said...

It's supposed to be a scene from that LT picked out. Frederick the mouse is on top of one of the rocks telling a poem to entertain the other mice in the dead of winter. Or maybe this is the page where he talks about colors and they picture the sun on the rocks ... :D