Friday, April 09, 2010


After our egg hunt on the beach last Sunday, we went to the aquarium to check out the new exhibit, Hot Pink Flamingos, about climate change. They had a fun part at the end where you make a pledge and then it takes your picture and it shows you on the big screen implementing your pledge.
I will use a reusable shopping bag
I will eat meatless once a week x2 (LT picked the same without knowing what I picked)

We had DT's favorite dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese the other night. I tried my best to capture how much he likes it!

And one more thing, I had to make a cover for my new Kindle tonight for our trip. No time to order one. I think it came out pretty decent.


Chris said...

What a great kindle bag! i think you will get some comments in the security line.
dt didn't want you to take the picture? too cute.
have fun on your trip and enjoy your new bathing suits!

Anonymous said...

your kindle cover is really could make more and sell them on line.

the video is so cute. dt handles a big spoon quite well! and that meal is one of my favorites too.

keren :-)