Sunday, October 11, 2009


LT's school had it's big Walk-A-Thon fundraiser this weekend. It was fun and exhausting and I think (hope?) we're done with fundraiser for the rest of the school year. LT walked 10 full miles - I'm so proud of him!

With Louie the Bulldog

With his walking posse

What DT & I were doing to amuse ourselves

Walking with Traveling Tom!

At the end - 10 mile club!


Chris said...

wow - 10 miles!!! that is one special kid. you must be really proud of him. at least this was a fun fundraiser - not like selling wrapping paper!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to LT. That was quite an accomplishment.
gma/gt gma

just jenn said...

i still can't believe 10 miles - i have so much trouble with 3.1!! well done.

Trina said...

Congratulations LT! What a wonderful way to get involved in fund raising for a cause. Great job to whomever thought of a healthy and fun activity instead of just selling cookie dough (although that would be yummy). After reading Robyn's last posting and seeing how far you walked, I thought that maybe you were in training for the next Ironman. Keep up the good work!